Monday, July 27, 2009


Well we are in day 2 of wearing big boy underwear! Blake is doing such a great job. He may start to go in his pants but he (so far) has been able to stop and tell someone. I am SO PROUD OF HIM! We are giving him M&M's for going on the potty so he is loving it! That boys loves him some M&M's. We never give him candy so this is a special treat and it is working like a charm! Here's hoping that he will have it down in the next few days!! He has stayed dry most of the day! Including after nap! SO PROUD!! :0)

The pic is a cropped version of the one I took of him in his new undies! I decided it might scar him for life if I post it on the internet! The sticker on his tummy is the one he got for going tee tee on the potty!

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