Thursday, August 12, 2010


Goodness gracious what a summer. Because I am on an extended contract I work pretty much to the end of June. So my summer pretty much consists of the month of July. I can't lie I am really going to miss my boys now that school is back in full swing.

Jackson is such a fun age right now. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at him in the last few weeks and just busted out laughing because of his expressions or because of his attempt to say a word. Or when he runs up and yells MA-MA and tackles me. I will miss reading books to Blake in our pajamas or running to sonic happy hour. I will miss Blake saying "Mommy where are we going somewhere today? You member you said we were going to do something fun?" Or perhaps the most difficult part of the end of summer is when I walk past Reece's room and catch myself peeking in at his empty bed wishing that we had just one more week as a family of 5. Reece gets to stay with us for 42 days in the summer. And for those 42 days our family is complete. Then he leaves and it feels like an eternity before we see him again. He starts Kindergarten this year. I can hardly believe it. Later this month he will get on an airplane and fly here for the weekend...all by himself. I swear it seems like yesterday he was a newborn and I was holding him for the first time. Praying so hard that he would know how much he was loved. I remember thinking...will he love me someday? How will I fit into his life? How will he fit into mine? Now I can't imagine life without him.

Now it's all about packing backpacks and lunches, sending them off to Grannie's and going to school. It will be all about what they did that day that I missed instead of us telling Daddy about all the fun we had. My babies are growing up so fast. So long summer! See you next July! ;)

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