Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy and Jesus!

So much has been happening I had to write! First of all, out shopping with the boys yesterday was quite an experience. I don't know how I will manage with 3! No matter how chaotic...it was priceless...I was driving and Reece was talking about his Mommy and kitty cat. He typically does this after he has been with us a few extra days. I was telling him that it was his time to be with Daddy and me and Blake. I said tomorrow is Daddy's Birthday....you want to be here for Daddy's Birthday right? He got really excited and said "Daddy's Birthday??? and then Jesus???" I could not contain my laughter! It was too cute! We have been talking about how Christmas is Jesus Birthday. When we first asked him about Christmas a few weeks ago he immediately started talking about Santa. So we have been trying to work with him on that. Christmas is Jesus Birthday. So it is nice to know he was paying attention! He is SO SMART!

I think this Christmas is going to be particularly grand for Blake this year. I have been going down toy isles trying to get an idea about what to get Reece. Every single toy Blake sees he says "Mommy I need to hold it" and if it happens to be a stuffed animal he says "Mommy I need to give he a hug!" He is going to love everything he gets!

We took the boys to see Santa the other night and I found myself getting a little sad. Last year we ran out of time and didn't get Reece's picture with Santa. I was thinking about how next year the baby will be here and I told Shawn that no matter what, we have to make time to get all the boys with Santa together. Reece will not be here for the baby's first Christmas. :0( But he will be here the day after! AND if all goes according to plan he will be here when the baby is born!

Speaking of the baby....we have decided to name him Jackson Samuel Robison. He will share my initials. In January I will get to schedule my delivery date, so I am very excited. When I ask Blake who is in my tummy he usually says Baby Jackson, but every once in a while he says baby sister! I was telling my Doctor that and she said well I guess you will have to try again for a baby sister! That made me happy. Because of having c-sections I am somewhat afraid that we will have to have a smaller family than we had hoped for. But I guess God will take care of all of that! In January I will be having some more tests done. I pray that everything is good with that.

The only other big news is that we got a new/used vehicle. No more Tahoe lease! And we have enough room for all our kids plus a couple more! What a relief!

Tonight will be fun! I have a special surprise planned for Shawn's Birthday! I think it will be great fun!

Happy Birthday Daddy....and Jesus!!!

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