Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

Well my baby officially slept in his own big boy bed last night! We finally got the rails put on and the new pieces of furniture together last night. We had been telling him all about his big boy room for the past couple of days. We even went out to IKEA to buy some furniture so that we could move the baby stuff into Jackson's room. Blake seemed very into it! Then Daddy spent all evening putting together furniture and we finally got Blake into bed at about 8:45. We gave him all the ball pillows and of course his Doggy and Night-Nights. Got the lamp turned on and read "Goodnight Moon". He did so GOOD! He whimpered a little bit when we turned off the lights but he didn't cry at all....didn't get out of bed....he was such a big boy! Mommy cried a little of course! My baby is a big boy! A favorite movie quote of mine comes to mind...cheesy movie...(Hope Floats), but a good quote..."my cup runneth over".

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Eigna said...

I love that second picture. He looks so sweet! It is kind of sad when they grow up, but they are so much fun right now! Love you guys!