Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Jackson

Well it has been a pretty exciting week at the Robison house. Monday I went back to work. I had a staff development all day. Let me just say the conditions were not ideal for anyone let alone a pregnant woman. I had to park a mile away from the building and walk in the cold and rain. Once inside there was auditorium seating....wooden chairs and very little leg room. Needless to say by 4:00 I was not really feeling too well. I went to Mom's and laid down for little while. When I woke up I felt even worse, but I grabbed Blake and headed home. After dinner I told Shawn I was going to go lay down. That's when the pain started. I was having severe pain in my belly. To the point that I was almost in tears. Shawn called the Dr. and a few minutes later we were off to Labor and Delivery. Ironic because at 29 weeks with Blake we also took a trip to L&D. Blake was very concerned about me. He came up to the side of the bed and said "what's wrong mommy, what's wrong?" When I told him my tummy hurt he reached up and rubbed it very softly. Such a sweetheart! By the time we got there the pain was mostly gone but when they hooked me up to the monitors I was contracting. About every 3 minutes. So they started giving me shots to make them stop. Which it did until the meds wore off and then they came back. They watched me for a while and ended up sending me home saying that I needed to rest and that should the contractions return I needed to come back. I think we got home at about 1AM. Due to all this craziness Blake spent his first night away from home. Grannie and Paw Paw came and got him from the hospital. Tuesday I stayed in bed all day. I got up to eat and go potty and that was it. Wednesday morning on the way to work I started contracting again. About every 10 minutes. So back to L&D I went. My doctor said that I was not in preterm labor but that the contractions could lead to that if we can't stop them. SO I ended up getting the pill form of the shot I was getting. And I went home. On the pills I seem to be doing better. Except for the fact that the meds make me really shaky. Thursday I worked a normal day and Friday I had a Dr. appointment and so I didn't go to work. This week was such a waste! At my appointment she checked me again and I am not dilating so that is good news. The meds are working so that is good news. So all in all we are doing ok. A little shaky...but not contracting! Next week is going to be SUPER busy so I really hope that the meds keep working. I have a follow up Dr. visit next Friday with more test results. I pray that all is well.


Eigna said...

Sounds like a rough week. I am glad everything is okay. Make sure you take care of yourself! :)

Deborah said...

Hi there, Im so happy to find you. I've looked for you MySpace and Facebook...Now, I've got ya. Ok, let me check out pics and read up so I can get caught up.