Saturday, January 24, 2009


My son is so funny! He comes up with the funniest little sayings and I have no idea where they come from! Here are some of my favorites...

When eating a meal..."Mommy I need sunthin else"
After spotting a man on a motorcycle..."You be careful Motorcycle Man, you be careful"
After Reece leaves..."Hey where Reece-y go?"
Referring to his sun glasses..."I need my cool dude"
When playing his guitar..."I sing a song Mommy"
Referring to his kitchen..."I cook in my kitchen comin Mommy?"
When we drive past his school..."I see my school Mommy, I give he a kiss"
When I ask him who is in my tummy..."Baby Jackson...I need to see he Mommy"
After falling down on purpose..."I ok Mommy I ok"
When going to Sunday School..."I wear my baseball hat" (They have a baseball helmet in his class that he LOVES!)
When I leave him at Grannie's in the morning..."Bye-Bye Mommy, see ya yater"
When he goes outside..."Hey where the moon go? He's sleepin" OR "Prolly behind the clouds Mommy" "Silly Moon"
When he hears a plane fly over the house..."I hear that helicopter prolly a airplane"

These are so much funnier when you hear him say them!! He cracks me up!!

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Jessica said...

Isn't he handsome in his cool dude! That was fun to read