Friday, January 16, 2009

Pencil in March 11!

I saw the Dr. today! All looks great! I called earlier this week to try to schedule my c-section date (aka Jackson's Birthday)! I had not heard anything so I asked the Dr. today. She said that the paperwork was being done and it was penciled in for March 11 at 10:00. We decided to go with the 11th because that was my Paw-Paw's Birthday. (Dad's Dad) It is scary to think that it is coming so fast!

On a much more sad note...I asked the Dr. if she usually recommended 8 weeks recovery for a c-section. She said that if the company says they want you back in 6 then they will require her to medically justify keeping me longer. She said if there is a medical reason for me to stay home then she will. BUT I healed really fast and really well with Blake, so it looks like I will only have 6 weeks off. That really makes me want to cry....but I am going to have to deal with it I guess. At least I will only have a little over a month back at school before summer break. :0)

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Eigna said...

Yea! Can't wait to meet baby Jackson! :)