Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Payroll Problems Abound

For those of you who know may know that since I have started working for that famous school district that I won't pay has been incorrect. I have been getting shorted about $200 a month since I started. In February I finally got paid correctly and then got my back pay. I was super happy to be able to put that big check into my emergency fund. Well...I got paid on Friday. Would you believe that they overpaid me??? I got almost $1000 extra on my check. Talk about a painful call to the payroll hot line. "Yes mam I think I was paid too much..." My base pay was totally wrong. Where did they come up with that number??? As much as I would love to make that amount...I don't. This was a silly post but I had to get it off my chest. Geez you'd think that they could get it right. On the bright side at least I was not one of those people who did not get paid at all. I'd be seriously ticked off! :0)

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