Friday, May 15, 2009


****Update***** Just wanted to say that all that worry was for NOTHING! The thing that I was mainly so stressed out about all turned out fine. :0)

I am so impatient. I worry too much about too many things that I can't control. WHY??? It doesn't really matter what people say to try to make me not worry. I still worry. I worry about things that have happened and things that might or could happen...I worry at home, I worry at work. I worry silently inside, I worry publicly outside. I worry when I am awake, I worry when I am sleeping.

I used to say that it was genetic that I was a worrier. My Grandmother used to say every Christmas..."well Grandmother won't be here next year" not because she was trying to be funny (although we always laughed) but because she really thought that she wasn't going to make it till the next Christmas. The woman was as healthy as a horse. She was never sick a day in her life until she was diagnosed with Cancer. But yet she always worried. When my mother would drop her off (because she didn't drive) and drive the 3 miles back to our house, my Grandmother would always want my mom to call her when she got home. She worried. So maybe I got it from her.

I really do believe in my heart that everything happens according to God's plan so you would think that I would be able to give it over to God. But my mind just won't stop saying what if? Won't stop racing.....won't stop worrying.

Here's to hoping that this "blog therapy" will help!

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Jessica said...

It's the OCD in us... It is out of our control. : ) I think it makes us better equipt to handle situations, because we have probably already worried that they would happen, and thought of how we could fix them. : )