Friday, June 26, 2009

First Meeting

Well for those of who know know the story of my stepson's other family. In short I have never had any direct contact with any of them. Not for a lack of trying. That part is a really LONG story. But yesterday...I met her parents. They came to pick up Reece for his Mom's weekend. They were so nice! We met them at a restaurant where we had gone to eat lunch with Shawn. They came up to us (shocking!) and her mom apologized because she said they didn't know they were supposed to meet us inside. At first I could not even believe she spoke to me...I told her that was ok and that the boys were playing inside and that we had to get their shoes on and everything. I went on...Blake was a little sad that Reece had to go, so we were trying to explain. She asked if she could see the baby. I said SURE! I was so surprised that the conversation had gone on that long...Her Dad was on the phone and as soon as he hung up he asked about the baby. Jackson just smiled so big and looked adorable! Perhaps the best part was when they were about to leave Reece looked at me pointed up at them and said that is my Hodgy and Oma. I said I KNOW!! And THEN...her Mom asked Reece if he said by to "Jennifer". So Reece ran over and I scooped him up gave him a big hug and kiss and told him I loved him! I told him to have fun with his Hodgy, (spelling??) Oma and Mommy. He was so happy! They were so happy! I was so happy! After 4 years....of nothing.....I will take it!!!! I told them how nice it was to meet them and we left. I am still in a bit of shock. I don't even think Shawn has had that good of a meeting with them. So I am very pleased that it went so well. Maybe on Sunday when Reece's mom brings him back it will go that well! A first meeting??? Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up on that one....but we'll see!

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