Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Well it has been a pretty fun week. Monday I was able to spend some time with an old friend and finally see her new baby girl! Tuesday I took Jackson for his 2 year checkup. He is still the smallest of my boys. Then we ventured to Grapevine Mills mall where I managed to temporarily lose Blake. There was about 3 minutes of shear terror where I did not know where he was. But thank GOD a very nice couple saw him alone and brought him back to me. (Me being the lady screaming at the top of my lungs!) Blake and I had a very long talk on the way home about how dangerous that was and he promised to never do that again. Also we have a new rule that I must be able to see him at all times. Wednesday we went to the Botanical Gardens with the Boysen Team and then we headed over to Grannie's for a bit. Reece came in Wednesday night. Thursday we hung around the house and played outside. Then Aunt Sissy and the girls came over and played for a little while and Mommy had a night out with the girls! Friday Shawn came home from work early and we went out to the Stockyards and the big boys rode ponies. We also took them to the petting zoo and had dinner at Riscky's. It was a fun night! Then Saturday we went to the museum. Today was church. Shawn got a call from Jackson's class during Sunday school. I got worried and went out to see if everything was ok. When I got out to the desk I saw Blake sitting there crying. And they were calling me. So I guess my boys were just tuckered out and needed their Mommy. So unfortunately we had to leave church early. But Shawn had to drive Reece home anyway. So that is Spring Break 2011. I am not looking forward to going back tomorrow. I mean I am thankful for the break but honestly I am just worn down right now with all that is going on at work. Crunch time for TAKS testing is in full swing....and it is my least favorite thing of all. Lots of things are happening for us in the weeks to come. I will post more about that later. Till then prayers are appreciated.

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