Thursday, July 10, 2008


Changes are coming my way. I just left the post office where I mailed my resignation letter. Ever since I graduated with my Masters degree I have been restless. My goal has always been to do something more in leadership and curriculum. Last Thursday night when I got home there was a message basically just telling me to show up on Monday morning for an interview. I was a little unsure what the position was even for! I needed letters of recommendation, a portfolio....I wondered how on a holiday weekend would I manage to get that together! But none the less I went to the interview as requested and I brought everything I could come up with. It consisted of a resume, 2 letters, (one from my principal who was very nice to do that for me on the 4th of July) and a small sample of some things that I use in my classroom. Very basic stuff. As I sat in the interview which lasted only for about 30 minutes I thought...what am I even doing here? Why am I putting myself through this process once again so that I can be disappointed when I don't get the job. Not to mention the fact that resignations were due this Friday! In the school system nothing happens fast, so I doubted I'd even have time to get hired before the last day to resign from my current district. I was asked to leave the room while they looked at my "portfolio". So I sat and waited for a few minutes....then....the Director came in and explained that they were going to skip a few steps, and send me to meet with a principal and then she asked me if I could come back at 2:00 for another interview. So to make a really long story short....I spent the day interviewing with 3 different principals and was offered multiple positions. I can not tell you how good it feels to know that I could have said something that got the attention of this group of people. After spending 7 years in the classroom, I will be in more of a leadership position that will give me valuable experience and will be a stepping stone for me to get a higher level position in education! I am so excited, and scared all at the same time. I am going to a very different district. I know basically nothing about it....but I really like the principal that I will be working for! He seems like he will be a really good mentor for me and will help me get where I want to be! He has been really encouraging and has made me feel like he is lucky to have me at his school. Of course it really hurts to leave my school. I hate starting over. It is never easy for me. But I just know that this is going to be great for me! Everything has fallen into place and I am ready to go for it!

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